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Why Join ABA

The Arizona Builders Alliance (ABA) is an alliance of the Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) and the Associated General Contractors of America – Building Chapter (AGC). We have offices in Phoenix and Tucson, with over 380 member companies that serve commercial and industrial construction industry professionals. These members are firms ranging from contractors to professional service providers. We are the top trade association for contractors in Arizona, and we are dedicated to leading the commercial construction industry to success. The ABA strives to make its members and the construction industry more prosperous through education, networking, and business development & legislative advocacy.

  • Legislative Advocacy on behalf of the Commercial Construction Industry.
  • Education: Craft Training to Management Education.
  • Networking and Business Development Opportunities.
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Governmental Affairs

The Arizona Builders Alliance prioritizes advocacy as a central focus of its mission, with a strong emphasis on governmental affairs. We understand that legislative and regulatory changes have a significant impact on the construction industry, and our team works tirelessly to represent and protect the interests of our members at local, state, and national levels. Our dedicated governmental affairs team actively monitors policy developments, engages with elected officials, and provides members with timely updates on important issues affecting the construction sector. By staying ahead of legislative changes and industry trends, we ensure our members have the knowledge and resources they need to navigate complex regulatory environments. Through strategic partnerships and collaboration with key stakeholders, we advocate for policies that support a thriving construction industry, including fair contracting practices, workforce development, and sustainable infrastructure investment. Our efforts contribute to shaping a favorable business climate for our members and promoting the growth of the industry as a whole. By joining the Arizona Builders Alliance, you gain access to a powerful network of industry leaders and influencers who are committed to driving positive change. Stay informed, get involved, and make a difference in the future of construction by being part of our association. Let your voice be heard and help shape the industry’s landscape!

Arizona Builders Alliance
Developing Leaders


The Arizona Builders Alliance is a leading provider of comprehensive education in the Construction Industry, dedicated to advancing the skills and knowledge of its members. Our wide range of training programs covers everything from hands-on Craft Training to advanced Management Education, ensuring that we cater to all levels of professional development.

Our courses are designed with the latest industry standards in mind, ensuring that your education is not only valuable locally but also recognized on a national scale. This alignment with nationally recognized curriculum and training standards means that the skills you gain through our programs are transferable, empowering you to succeed wherever your career takes you.

Take advantage of our upcoming training opportunities and take the next step in your construction career. Visit our event schedule to discover the variety of classes available. Join us in shaping a brighter future for the construction industry!


At the ABA, we believe that strong relationships are the cornerstone of the industry. That’s why we offer a range of networking events designed to bring together construction professionals from all aspects of the field. Our events provide the perfect opportunity to connect with industry peers, exchange ideas, and build lasting partnerships.

Through our mixers, workshops, and social gatherings, you’ll have the chance to meet and collaborate with contractors, engineers, architects, suppliers and everyone in between. These connections can lead to new business opportunities, innovative solutions, and valuable insights into the latest industry trends.

Our networking events also foster a supportive community where you can share experiences and knowledge, helping you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. Join us at our next event and take the first step towards expanding your network and advancing your career!

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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight - Rod

Name: Rod Miller
Company/Position: Big-D Construction, Director of Preconstruction

As the Director of Preconstruction at Big-D, my role with the company is to oversee our office's preconstruction efforts including budgeting, design assistance, and client experience. My favorite part of my role is making our clients happy by...

Why ABA?

Read testimonials from some of our members. They speak to the impact that ABA has had on their businesses and careers. We invite you to join us in making Arizona a great place for commercial construction industry professionals!

Emerson Ward

Project Director

CORE Construction

“Because of the industry collaboration and training opportunities for all levels, that are made possible through this great organization.”

JV Nyman


Concord General Contracting

“We joined the ABA as an avenue to best represent our business and construction needs while helping and educating local communities.”

Bryan Adams

Vice President Preconstruction

DP Electric

“ABA provides the best opportunity in Arizona for networking and peer mentorship.”

Suzanne Nelson

Business Development

Coreslab Structures (ARIZ) Inc.

“Coreslab Structures has been an ABA member for the past 35 years. As a relatively new member of the Coreslab team, I have found the ABA invaluable in making important relationship connections within the construction industry.”

Carlos Bunzira

Area Superintendent

Hensel Phelps

“The ABA’s Emerging Leaders Forum provided me with a wealth of knowledge on what it truly means to be a great “builder”. Great builders can have the technical know-how to manage projects safely, on time and under budget but they also have the soft skills relating to emotional intelligence, building relationships, and understanding themselves and their people to deliver a successful final product to an Owner.”