Women in Leadership Program

Women in Leadership Program

The Women in Leadership Program is designed for women in mid-to-upper-level management roles. These women and their organizations aspire to increased effectiveness in leadership and/or continued advancement in leadership.

Phoenix Class Dates:

All classes will run from 8am – 3:30pm.

Program Outcomes:

Sessions will Address the Following:

Acumen in the following areas, which are all integral to the highest levels of performance: 

Elements of Program Include:

What can participants expect?

Each participant will engage with Dr. Sharon Adele Kortman in two 1:1 executive coaching sessions. These sessions will provide focused coaching in targeted areas of growth and development, processes for reflection, analysis, and ongoing planning, decision-making, and goal setting to refine practice and lean toward excellence in leadership. These coaching sessions will be highly individualized for the participant related to their career and leadership goals, as well as their ongoing growth and development.

Each participant will engage in focused applications relevant to their leadership context. Each participant will: be engaged with collaborative trios for support and accountability aligned to monthly growth targets related to content and processes within the professional learning sessions; identify and address an adaptive challenge to benefit their organization; engage in ongoing assessments, reflections, and leadership practices.
Each participant will have the option (for an additional fee) to engage in supplementary one-on-one coaching with Executive Coach, Dr. Sharon Adele Kortman.

Dr. Sharon Adele Kortman

Executive/Life Coach and Leadership/Organizational Consultant


Dr. Sharon Adele Kortman is an executive/life coach and leadership/organizational consultant. She specializes in inspiring leaders and their organizations in well-being and impact. She engages in the ongoing development of strategy, business acumen, and personal growth. Dr. Kortman works with leaders in business, industry, education, and government, as well as in diverse settings of social impact. Dr. Kortman enjoys challenging those she serves toward their growth edges while leveraging successes and building on their competencies. She is especially known for her ability to differentiate support aligned to her clients and their contexts, ask critical questions, address diverse challenges, celebrate ongoing development, and maximize human capital. The outcome leans toward the blessings within self, relationships, and systems of work and community.

Some of her clients have this to say: