Cm-Bim Certification

The ABA is proud to be on the forefront of the Associated General Contractor of America’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) Training. We were THE chapter that introduced the 3rd edition of the BIM Training and hosted the first 3rd edition exam in the country.

Congratulations to the following CM-BIM Certified individuals! After completing 28-hours of Building Information Modeling Training through the ABA’s AGC of America’s BIM Education Classes, these individuals were qualified to sit for the Certificate of Management – Building Information Modeling Exam. All listed passed the exam and are officially CM-BIM Holders! The ABA currently has a 95% pass rate in the country!


Anthony Albidrez

Thomas Albidrez
M3 Engineering

Dilip Reddy Allam
Sundt Construction

Timothy Askelson
Rosendin Electric

John Attebury
Kinetics Systems Inc.

Raghav Chandra
Canyon State Electric

Gregory Collins
CDM Smith

Jared Davis
Hensel Phelps

Ryan Diamond
True Metal Solutions

Russell Dougherty
M+W US, Inc.

Triston Ferguson
Adolfson & Peterson

Kyle Fittro
Eco3D, LLC

Isaac Heard
PDC Group

Macario Herrera
Sturgeon Electric

Kai Hewitt
Delta Diversified

Beth Kealy
UEB Builders

Michael LaMarra

Eric Loeffler
Concord General Contracting

Andrell Laniewicz

Randy Marks
Eco 3D USA

Darla Charlene Mendoza
Rider Levett Bucknall

Torey Mills
The Weitz Company

Colby Moeller
Lloyd Construction

Bill Mutert 
AEI Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Kevin Naff
UEB Builders

William Nelson
Delta Diversified Enterprises

Damian Richard
Alvarado Electric

James Rockafellow
Sturgeon Electric

Daniel Russell
Sturgeon Electric

Cory Schlosser
Chestnut Building & Design

Jason Schroeder
Okland Construction

Tim Schultz
Sturgeon Electric

David Shuler
AEI Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Chase Stowe
Adolfson & Peterson

Dean Van Kirk
Total Facility Solutions

Jed Westover
Loven Contracting

Jonathan Widney

Jason Young
Haydon Building  Corp