Member Spotlight – Amy Houk

Member Spotlight – Amy Houk

Name: Amy Houk
Company/Position: Amy Houk

As queen of the lien law nerds, my role is to propagate more nerds from beginner to a full-fledged posse. If I had to pin down a single action that describes my favorite part of my role, it would be “learning” – I love to learn…about our industry, our clients’ ecosystems, and our team’s efforts in truly becoming the most respected lien company in Arizona. I love finding new ways to present simplified solutions to exceptionally complex project dynamics and how that impacts a project’;s financial health; or, strategizing with a client’s legal team to work toward payment remedy and/or resolution for hard working contractors & suppliers.

I joined the ABA back in December 2014, and it was truly the BEST. DECISION. EVER. ABA’s structure is the most conducive environment for growth. Whether you are growing your business, your knowledge, your team, or your legislative voice, ABA has a person, team, or committee to engage with. The diversity and reach of the membership is truly to be applauded.

When it comes to achievements, launching two successful companies is definitely cool, but my most coveted professional achievement would be making the leap from lien specialist to software developer. This has been a labor of love for our firm, and it is finally coming to fruition. We couldn’t be prouder.

Personally, partnering with someone in business and life that is my true best friend is one of my most proud achievements. This poor dude has heard me say, “wait, hear me out” or “I have a super cool idea” or, his personal favorite, “but wait, there’s more…” more times than I can count. Another one of my biggest personal achievements is accepting my flaws, leaning into patience, and learning from my mistakes.

Free time? For me there is nothing in this world that provides me more happiness and peace than spending time with my family – given and chosen. I also love painting, kayaking, tending to our zillion plants, and traveling.

The philosophy that I live by is: Be a good person in action, not words. I’ve learned by exposure and self-reflection that honesty, humility, and humbleness are critical to personal and professional growth. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes, but it’s how you grow and evolve from those missteps or mistakes that help you improve.

P.S. I’m a brand-new grandmother to the coolest and most gorgeous little dude in my world!!