Member Spotlight – Brad Schenck

Member Spotlight – Brad Schenck

Name: Brad Schenck
Company: JE Dunn Construction Company
Position: Senior Vice President, Southwest Division Leader

My career with JE Dunn spans 30 years across multiple states from Missouri to Colorado, culminating in my role as the Business Unit Leader for the Arizona office. From the early days while I was working as a Project Manager, I have always been mindful of what kind of legacy I want to leave behind. I am grateful and humbled to have the opportunity in my current role to be part of a great team, build great relationships and great buildings, give back to the community, and help grow and develop our team.

My favorite part of my role is all about the team. Construction is not an individual activity and helping each other is vital to delivering successful projects. I am passionate about building high performing, highly integrated teams with a focus on delivering successful projects, and exceptional experiences for our clients. It is my responsibility to support the aspirations of the team members and remove roadblocks so that they can reach the pinnacle of their careers and it is a responsibility that I fully embrace. That spirit of building others up extends into my passion for community engagement and my professional partnerships across the Valley. I always aim my focus on how I can help others.

I have a beautiful wife (Kim) who I have been married to for over 25 years and am the proud father of two exceptional young men, Jeremy and Noah. Those are by far are my greatest accomplishments. A close second is being a part of the growth and success of our Arizona operation. Every day I am inspired by what our collective team has been able to accomplish, from delivering a LEED Platinum, Net Zero building at Arizona State University to expanding critical healthcare facilities. I look forward to the continued growth of our Arizona operation.

For my hobbies and interests, I love spending time outdoors fly fishing, camping, and hiking. I am proud to share that I finished a long-distance run (the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon) and hiked a fourteener (Pikes Peak).

JE Dunn’s founder, John Ernest Dunn’s, philosophy was to treat others the way you want to be treated, share the rewards of the company in our community and with our people. This is the philosophy that I work by every day to carry on John’s legacy to all JE Dunn employees.

Finally, I have enjoyed my time serving in an advisory board position for St. Vincent de Paul and on ABA’s Legislative Committee.