Member Spotlight – Jared Kredit

Member Spotlight – Jared Kredit

Name: Jared Kredit

Company/Position: K2 Electric – President & CEO 


As the President and CEO of K2 Electric, I am responsible for leading the team, managing the operations and direction of the company, and spending time developing new and existing client relationships. My favorite part of my role is supporting my K2 team members in personal and career growth opportunities and developing new and existing client relationships.

I joined the ABA in 2016, mostly to participate in LDF. While that program was great for myself and our company, the benefits go well beyond that program. For example, the ABA offers the opportunity for top-notch leadership training, networking and political advocacy. This variety allows a lot of our team to engage with the ABA’s offerings. I think the training and networking are very visible and that is where many people participate. But what the ABA and their National partners do for political advocacy is invaluable to our industry.

I’m engaged in a few other organizations outside of my company and the ABA. I serve on the School Board at Grace Christian Academy, and I am an active member in the Camelback Society & Young Presidents’ Organization.

Within the industry I’m an active member of the Arizona Builders Alliance (Past YBC Chairman, 2017 LDF Alumni, current Workforce Outreach Committee Chair, current LDF Alumni Committee member and current Board Member), Associated Builders & Contractors – National (Current member of the Legislative Committee), the Independent Electrical Contractors Association (Former Board of Directors & Apprenticeship Committee member).

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife Natalie and our three children. We’re staying busy with sports, where I help with coaching for soccer and baseball. As a family we enjoy hitting the slopes in the winter for skiing and snowboarding. I also really enjoy CrossFit style workouts with K2 Employees and friends in our gym – Superior Fitness at K2 Electric corporate offices in Phoenix! 

My philosophy that I try to live/work by is that life is all about relationships. Approaching those around me with compassion, generosity, and investing in their growth and well-being is the most rewarding return on my time.

I am thankful that my career is in the construction industry – truly the best people! I look forward to serving on the ABA board!