Member Spotlight – Justin Martin

Member Spotlight – Justin Martin

Name: Justin Martin
Company/Position: Corbins Electric/President & CEO

In my role as President and CEO of Corbins Electric, it is my job to set the Vision and lead the Executive Team through strategic growth. My favorite part of leading the executive team at Corbins Electric is playing my part in facilitating the growth of individuals in their careers as they collectively increase the capabilities of the organization in order to make an impact on the industry.

I originally joined the ABA to better understand the commercial construction industry in Arizona. I have stayed involved in order to help keep it vibrant so that Arizona becomes the destination of choice for more facility owners.

The benefits of the ABA include political advocacy for our industry, educational and professional development opportunities for Corbins Electric employees, and the opportunity to network with contractors and business partners who are invested in building and maintaining the infrastructure that enables society in Arizona to grow.

My greatest personal achievements are not awards or accolades but in the quiet moments when I am a patient father, loyal friend, and steady partner. I hope only to retain the newfound curiosity I have discovered in recent years and exercise grace in my interactions with others.

Professionally, I am proud to have led the 5X growth and second successful ownership transition of a 46 year old contractor started by the industry legend Bill Corbin.

I stay busy with a house full of active children between the ages of 4-16 and spend a lot of time transporting them to and from and watching youth sports. As a family we enjoy lake days wake surfing. My adult weekends are spent traveling, wine tasting, hiking, and snow skiing.

The philosophy that I try to live and work by is summed up in this quote by Jordan Peterson: “The purpose of life is finding the largest burden that you can bear and bearing it.”