Member Spotlight – Nathan Kappler

Member Spotlight – Nathan Kappler

Name: Nathan Kappler
Company/Position: Kappcon, Inc General Contracting/President

My role at Kappcon is as President, as well as Business Development, and Pre-Construction Services.

My favorite part about my career is as the Owner, my task is to provide leadership to every level within my organization. I establish the positive vision and the culture of success at Kappcon. Problem solving is a big part of my leadership style.  It may sound crazy, but solving problems is a fun part of construction for me.  As a builder, I want to solve my customer’s problem. I also enjoy working out construction details with my team.  I want our level of quality to be second to none.  We’ve accumulated a lot specialized tools and instruments to help us execute the fine details precisely and expertly.

I joined the ABA to increase my exposure to the industry and learn from other leaders.  Also, Tom Dunn makes a very compelling case!

A major benefit the ABA offers is education and training.  I have sent my team to Safety Trainings, Project Management, and the Young Builder’s Counsel.  The training offered is very specific to what a Commercial General Contractor needs.  Also, the network of peers is very significant.  I need to get to more of those dinners!

Regarding my greatest personal achievements, I am proud of my marriage and family.  The work/life balance is very tough to figure out.  I haven’t figured it out completely, but am proud of the time I spend with my family.

With regard to my greatest professional achievement, business ownership has been the number one achievement for me professionally.  The first few years were like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hydrant.  There was plenty of water but drinking it was tough!  I made it through that first few years (thanks to excellent customers and employees!) and feel that I am getting more and more capable and learning new things all the time.

Did I mention I have three kids?  My personal time is consumed with the swim team (where I am volunteer Treasurer), soccer, and music lessons.  I love to play guitar, violin, and anything else lying around the living room. At the moment I am reading a giant 800 page biography of George Washington that is taking up a lot of time..

My approach to business is to add value and expect value in return.

My approach to life is be there, be awake, be aware, and be in the moment.

Thank you to the master builders that came before me!