Member Spotlight – Rudy Garcia Jr.

Member Spotlight – Rudy Garcia Jr.

Name: Rudy Garcia Jr.
Company/Position: RG & Sons Plumbing/Vice President

Since 2009 it has been my role to manage the day-to-day operations of RG & Sons, both in the field and the office. I have the privilege of assembling and leading a tremendously talented team of dedicated employees. I also work in business development, forecasting and vendor relationships. The thing that is most important to me is to always strive to be a steady leader that requires myself and our company to maintain strong ethics and reach high standards.

Without question one of my favorite parts about what I do is seeing people grow. Each of our departments is led by people that have grown organically through RG & Sons Plumbing. Promoting from within is synonymous with our company culture and watching an individual grow, both personally and professionally is something I cherish. I am also very appreciative of the relationships I’m afforded to have through my role in the business.

When we first joined the ABA in 2006, it was to have a conduit for collaboration and networking within our industry. Many of the relationships I developed in the early years as an ABA member evolved over time into true longstanding friendships that will last a lifetime. Our business has been the benefactor of the valuable continuing education the ABA offers, and it’s also a facilitator of philanthropic opportunities utilizing our plumbing trade.

As years passed, I became more active and took on leadership roles within the ABA. Since being more active, I’ve learned the value the ABA brings to membership with industry advocacy and policies that impact the construction industry.

Some of my personal achievements include:

  • I have been married to my loving bride, Priscilla for 7-years; we’ve been together for 15-years!
  • We have two beautiful daughters Ameryee (10) and Emalyse (9).
  • I’m a seventh generation Tucsonan.
  • I am a past member of The Active 20/30 Men’s Club of Tucson and current member of The Centurions.
  • Willing to spend 8 hours at our daughters dance competitions to watch their performances for an accumulative total of 13 minutes- always worth it and if you’ve experienced it, you’d understand why I consider this is a personal achievement.

Some of my professional achievements include:

  • I am second generation plumber.
  • I served on the Cornerstone Building Foundation; past president in 2018.
  • Active board member of The Centurion Foundation
  • Current ABA Chairman for Southern Arizona.

I enjoy being with my family, traveling, being outdoors, good old-fashioned wood flamed grilling, Miller Lite and working out. I also enjoy playing golf. I’m ‘that-guy’ who shoots a 53 on the front 9, talks trash and takes bets like I’m even par, but I always have fun.

The philosophy that I try to live and work by is to never stop being of service and never stop trying to date your wife. I can’t say I’m impeccably consistent at both, but I try.

I grew up in construction and I’ve witnessed major changes in our industry over the years. Most recently, I am most excited for the future of our industry because of the younger generation. I believe they have been unfairly categorized as lazy and too sensitive for our industry. My experience is that they’re eager to learn, but confident challenging old ways for smarter ideas and solutions. They are not too sensitive, but thoughtful and meaningful in their approach. I am excited for the future!