Member Spotlight – Tucker Macon

Member Spotlight – Tucker Macon

Name: Tucker Macon
Company/Position: Sundt Construction, Project Director and Immediate Past Chairman of the LDF Alumni Board


I have been with Sundt Construction for six years and in the construction industry for 33 years. I started as an electrician in the field then moved to the general contractor side, focusing on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing scopes of work. Now as a Project Director, I am focusing on senior living facilities and all support systems that come along with it.

The Arizona ABA Chapter has always been a strong chapter with great leadership in Mark Minter. I have admired the group’s ability to both promote the construction industry and train future leaders of our industry. Sundt has been an ABA member even before the ABA’s inception in 1994.  I was given the opportunity to participate in the ABA through the Leadership Development Forum. The LDF Alumni Board creates the opportunity for graduates to stay involved. Once a quarter we have an event where we present and then have an open discussion about recent relevant events that our industry is concerned about. Last year, a couple key topics were workforce development and what is being done to attract talent to the trades. We also asked what Arizona politicians are doing to bring new business to Arizona. This year we have presented on work-life balance and employee retention.

As a member of ABA, I like being part of the solution. I feel like I’m part of a great team that is focused on advancing the industry and the people that work within it.

Sundt Construction has a long history in the industry, more than 125 years, and a lot of significant historical projects like LaunchPad 39A, where the first astronauts were sent to the moon, and Los Alamos, home of the Manhattan Project. In Arizona, we’ve played a huge part in building up our cities, Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. Recent projects that I’m proud to have been a part of were Friendship House at Royal Oaks and Sun Health Grandview Terrace Remodel & Expansion.

Friendship House is a 53,000-square-foot facility that provides memory care in a residential setting. The community is designed to support residents’ individual needs through four “neighborhoods” with distinct interior design themes and smaller-scale living environments.

Sun Health Grandview Terrace remodel is a 102,500sf update to a senior living campus that includes everything from updating the residence corridors to a complete remodel of the existing dining areas and beyond.

Among some of my biggest professional achievements, is being a team member on a number of iconic projects adding to the sky line of a number of cities. I know this sounds cliché but when watching a movie or sporting event and the camera pans the sky line it’s neat to tell my kids I helped build that building, so much so that they now say,  “Yeah we know dad; just watch the movie.”

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to get involved with the ABA and see firsthand the good work that is happening here. In the role as the Chairmen of the LFD alumni board it allowed me to watch people start a leadership path. It is interesting to see how each person approaches the challenge of leadership differently. Some are born to it; others have it forced upon them. Once the internal decision is made, it is fun to watch these folks take on the work.

Playing organized sports most of my life I have learned there are those who want the ball when the game is on the line. This year we have started the Emerging Leaders Forum. I found that there are young people in the industry that want the chance to be given the ball but need a little direction to take the next step. This is what the Emerging Leaders Forum is all about – giving this group tools as they take on more responsibilities to maintain a cool head and have a great life. I look forward to what future holds for these leaders.

My life is all about Faith, Family and Fitness. I bet you thought I was going to say Football. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife, two fantastic daughters, and a great group of professional and personal friends. I truly believe that surrounding yourself with people that love you, support you, and challenge you, keeps you young and full of energy. I recently turned 52 and had the best weekend. I spent it playing golf, having a birthday party at the gym with my fitfam, then axe throwing that night with a group of friends. Sunday was church BBQ with family and friends, then watching the final day of the masters. Now that was a great weekend!

The constant in this industry is always, “What is the next thing?” Competition is tight; margins are slim.  Just like in football, to win you have to have a great plan and then execute. You have to challenge yourself and your team. You have to put something out there that is new and that no one has seen ever before. If I have a philosophy it would be, “What is the next thing? What Can I do? What can my team do that no one has ever seen before? AND THEN EXECUTE!”

This a great time to be in the construction industry. We are building things that couldn’t be built even 10 years ago. What is Next?