Legislative Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy

The Arizona Builders Alliance takes an aggressive role in shaping laws of the State of Arizona that impact commercial contractors. Over the years ABA has worked to improve Arizona laws to the advantage of our members in the following areas:
  • Public works procurement
  • Procurement laws that generate work for our members
  • Safety
  • Taxes
  • Contractor payment laws
  • Indemnity

How we are organized

The ABA’s Legislative Committee meets regularly during the year and is made up of a cross section of members from various parts of the commercial construction industry.  The committee meets to review legislation and consider legislative action on behalf of the industry.  Recommendations from the committee are submitted to the ABA Board of Directors for acceptance or modification.  Our committee members include the leadership of Arizona’s largest contractors who are committed to improving Arizona’s construction environment.  To join the ABA’s Legislative Committee, please contact Tim Bee, tbee@azbuilders.org.

How we influence the legislative process

How we influence the legislative process

ABA has retained the services of one of Arizona’s top government relations firms, Policy48.  This has magnified the influence of our organization and given us additional access to decision makers.  We also work closely with representatives of other trade associations, including the American Subcontractors Association, the Associated General Contractors of Arizona, Construction Financial Management Association, and the Central Arizona Home Builders Association.

How our members are involved

The Legislative committee members develop and propose a legislative agenda to present to the ABA Board of Directors on an annual basis. Once approved, and before the legislative session, the committee members meet with influential legislators to share an overview of ABA and highlight our current priorities. Once the legislative session begins, committee members meet frequently to review legislation and make position decisions on bills that impact our industry. Depending on our position, committee members work closely with the ABA staff and our government relations firm to influence legislation.

Our Successes

In recent years we have worked to improve the public works procurement process by allowing agencies to choose low bid, design-build, construction management at risk and job order contracting.  ABA has also worked to create public-private partnerships.  ABA worked with public and private project owners, general contractors, and subcontractors to craft Arizona’s contractor payment law.  That law assures the rights of contractors to receive payment for work done and allow for aggressive remedies, such as “stop work notices”, bans contractual payments rights waivers and allows interest on late payments.  Arizona’s law contains a template outlining the timing of progress payments.  Owners may only vary from the template after stamping the plans and posting a pre-bid notice to contractors.  Recently, ABA led an industry coalition to prevent Federal OSHA from taking over construction inspections in Arizona.  The legislation will return Arizona to a state where all construction activity has a 6-foot fall protection requirement.

How can you get involved

The legislative committee meets frequently and is open to all members who can commit to active participation. Please contact Tim Bee, tbee@azbuilders.org for further information.

For further information on the ABA’s legislative positions, please contact Tim Bee, tbee@azbuilders.org.