Finance In Construction Seminars

The ABA offers two 4-hour Legal Seminars annually. Topics for upcoming Legal Seminars are determined each Fall by the Legal Advisory Council and are chosen based on feedback from members about areas of interest,. Seminars are led by 5 Attorneys from varying firms.

  • Provide a basic understanding of the accounting process in construction
  • Define important construction accounting terms and demonstrate how to calculate the key elements of construction work in process
  • Go beyond the mechanics of the process to provide practical tips on what the work in process is revealing
  • Emphasize the critical role of operations in construction work in progress and the importance of collaboration between accounting and operations
  • Generate a deep understanding of the impact of underbillings and overbillings on your company and how your customers and creditors react to them
  • Give operations people enough accounting insight to be truly effective in their role, and accounting people the practical insight to effectively collaborate with operations

ABA Lean Instructors Include:

John Murdough

ABA Phoenix Instructor Henry & Horne, LLP

Cliff Spickler

ABA Phoenix Instructor INSURICA Soutwest

Debby Anderson

ABA Phoenix/Tucson Instructor INSURICA Soutwest

Eric Pach

ABA Tucson Instructor INSURICA Soutwest

Bryan Eto

ABA Tucson Instructor BeachFleischman PC